The futures past
The futures past  deep stories
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jamesbrend addiction/anxiety/abuse/rejection and fw
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Just a brief moment of thought

The futures past

I can see the future, acid rain and mushroom clouds

ferrell creatures and melting skin

homes of rubble and ashes with barbecues of human flesh

... and we're all rotting from within

I can see the future, blocking the sun, belonging to the flies...

so i welcome a sense of freedom, not a fetish or some vice

but from death comes rebirth; a necessity for life...

Now i live in the past where the present is extinct...

it is not dark, but lonely, and a delusion sets me free

... in the archives of my mind

in a basement locked in chains ...

within a box; required a key...

there's a note that reads -- i luv ya, kid -- left from future me!!

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