Future God's and Myths of past
Future God's and Myths of past greek stories

jamesbrend addiction/anxiety/abuse/rejection and fw
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I'm fascinated by Roman and Greek mythology; and the history in general so, i try and incorporate it whereever i can.

Future God's and Myths of past

For the second time tonight Hades growls at my door, Venom dripping down his fangs, condensation from its breath, beating drums pulsating and lifting up the floor, a squeeking on my window payne...

the riddles keep me guessing, each breath reveals a message sealed with blood addressed to "blessings", this message from before... It read:

"The Gods of future kneel before forgotten myths of past, when the flood of Neptune rises, so shall Phobos and Mars"

40 ft statues of me flicker in the narcissism of my mind, i wish not for the wrath of Mars, nor the love of Venus

The differences between us, simple yet insidious fates

You pray to the stars for guidance and I'm just fuelled by hate !!!

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