Beautiful her/Despicable him
Beautiful her/Despicable him society stories

jamesbrend addiction/anxiety/abuse/rejection and fw
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Society today - just my unusual take on it.
The gender roles in this is equally reversed.

i may not have finished it yet tho.. i might add to it

Beautiful her/Despicable him

Banish and persecute him, the very core of his being is soaked in innocence and saturated in honesty;

despicable him, despised and slandered. A sore sight for the eyes, and men cry in solitude. Then i beg for acceptance at the heels of the closest kin

Cherish and worship her, she is the epitome of self-importance, the queen of vanity and unspeakable lies

Beautiful her, with a tainted kiss leaves ruins, heartache, and destruction within the purest of lives;

Basking in the ambiance of sin

Fatal attraction pulls like gravity, he longs for acceptance and admires beauty,

he can see the last drips of her shallow soul running down her side cheeks and dropping into the emptiness of a cold abyss, and he starts to care.

Despicable... gullible him, his soul is deep and enough to share - and share he will since it's only fair

with a menacing smile, she bares her teeth at his blissful ignorance,

her fangs run deep as she has her fill; beautiful her, she's done with him -

Basking in the ambiance of perpetual sin...

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