In Pieces
In Pieces

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In Pieces

I didn't give it to her, at first.

I had it tucked away, safe.

I had built strong walls all around it. To protect it.

She told me it was okay, that she would never hurt me.

I believed her, and bit by bit, she chipped, and tore down the walls.


Brick by brick


Slowly. Methodically.

Gently, she reached into my chest. I was so exposed I became scared.

"It's okay," she said lovingly into my ear, then stilled my trembling heart.

I tremble at the warmth of her breath. Craved the candied smell of her nectar sweet neck.

"Kiss me," she said, eyes blazing green fire. Looking at my very soul. Capturing me whole.

I did so deeply, lost to the moment of...

the beauty

of love

A thunderclap!

out of

out of NOWHERE

I stumbled back in confusion. Fall to me knees in shock! Pain!! Anguish!!!

Like its nothing, she throws my heart down to the floor!

Without so much as an explanation, or a goodbye, she walks away.

So I picked up all the pieces.

And locked my heart away

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