The Emptiness We Feel.
The Emptiness We Feel.  depression stories

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I can't fill it.

By: James Bruce

The Emptiness We Feel.

by James Bruce

They held each other by their hands, in the sunshine, radiating against them, mountain flowers against their backs.

If every person had what they had, wars would never happen.

Wars are the result of greed, when money comes over life.

Why do people choose money over life? They don’t have anything to live for. They thought, having the best suits, the best car and having villas with 12 bathrooms would make them happy.

Don’t we all though?

Don’t we all want a better life for ourselves?

The hunger for money cannot be quenched.

A hollow part that cannot be filled.

I also feel empty inside, I would rip open my ribs, tear away my lungs and heart to know what is missing.

The difference is I don’t have the ability to influence social policy which determines whether a family can eat today, or a child learns to read or let the ice sheets melt.

I love life .... I just want someone to love it with.

And I watch them, all the happy people, with jealousy and admiration.

Maybe this is how they became the villain?

Maybe every piece of anger can be quenched with love.

Maybe I need help.

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