Not Your Last Poem
Not Your Last Poem romance stories
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jakeodonohoe Community member
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How Close am I to Losing you ?

Not Your Last Poem

How Close am I

to losing you ?

The answer is

the first day I met you.

I knew no matter how well written the poem was

I would never lay by your side again.

Nothing I write can heal the wound inflicted

or close the distance.

Everyone in the room loves you

and I knew I never deserved to be there.

Your smile haunts me like a ghost

but I am alone.

Thinking about you smiling made me happy.

Though it dawned I was no longer the cause.

I'm glad you made me feel something.

I hope you felt something

But I mostly hope someone loves you

and I hope you love them.

At least someone's dream will be fulfilled.

I hope this isn't the last poem I write to you.

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