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The lunatic cycle in addiction of love and lust.


How wonderful it would be for you and me

To live disillusioned and throat deep

In the idea that I ever would be...

Something other than what you know I seek.

Love used ferociously loosely...

Addicted to ideas of what could be:

Pleasure and pain for me are interchangeably

Used and misused like I am.

The stars and Cupid's fable in your eyes...

However I am nothing but the duke of the damned.

Thus hear I, the fools in deafening love cries.

For this I weep...

And then I peek

Another glimpse of the lustful man.

In greed he mounts and seeds

My earth gifted to him in need

Of the misplaced love in deeds

Left wasted and unturned in the reeds;

The unsewn earth aches and bleeds...

Panting and foaming he leaves

With me emptiness more black than the seas.

Customarily abandoned on my knees;

The climax of fate misfortold.

No better than anyone else, this I know

For I invite the lustful man in my home

Welcomed with open legs and a bone

To be buried alongside my dead-star soul.

To feed the famished black hole

Paradoxically insane yet lo,

Battered and bruised I stand even so...

If only for the hope at another go

To ensure my tale is not left untold.

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