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The doctor glanced nervously from his notebook, to the patient, and back to his notebook. He waited. "Doc, I just don't think i can continue" stated the patient in a dispair soaked tone. "it's just too much for me"


The doctor glanced nervously from his notebook, to the patient, and back to his notebook. He waited.

"Doc, I just don't think i can continue" stated the patient in a dispair soaked tone. "it's just too much for me"

"You can do this" the Doctor reassured. "You may be the first, but you will not be the last"

"But, it's so dark in here" complained the patient.

"She will wake soon" the doctor re-assured again. "And when she does, the light will go on..... At least,....that's the idea"

The doctor had warned the patient that this was cutting edge technology. He had not however, warned the patient that he was the first actual person to try it. But the science was sound.

The doctor had gone over his equations a thousand times. This would work.

"I think she is waking" announced the patient.

"This is it" the doctor thought to himself. The moment of truth was upon them. Could consciosness be experienced through someone elses eyes? They would soon find out.

The patient gasped out loud. "Everything looks different!" He exclaimed. "Every color, even the sounds are different than i have ever heard them before"

The doctor quickly jotted down some notes before replying. "Yes, as I had explained, every human experiences sound and light differently"

Two thousand miles away, Molly had just woken up feeling disoriented. She had the distinct feeling of being watched, but was clearly alone in her room.

"What does it feel like" asked the doctor.

"It feels..... It feels.... different" replied the patient. "I..I feel different"

Molly was one of the most successful people in the world. Her company had recently been listed as the top selling tech-company of all time.

Experiencing life through her eyes and ears would certainly be different. But would it alter this poor, chronically depressed patient? That was the question.

Would experiencing life through a more successful conscioussness change a persons experience of life when they returned.

The Doctor looked again at his patient. Everything seemed fine, just as expected.

The patient was laying on his back, a VR module over his eyes, and nearly a hundred wires connecting different parts of his body to the transference machine.

This was the first human trial, but the Doctor knew it would work.

Molly looked at herself in the mirror and rubbed her eyes. Why was she feeling so disoriented today? Almost paranoid. She tried to shake it off.

She had a big day today, a press conference with the president to unveil her latest invention.

"I need to pull myself together" Molly thought.

"Can you hear her thoughts" asked the doctor.

"Yes" replied the patient. "She is confused, almost paranoid, she keeps looking at the mirror and thinking that someone is watching her"

"Get her away from the mirror" the doctor proclaimed. "I told you, if she looks in the mirror she might see you"

"I am trying" announced the patient.

The doctor scrambled through his notes.

Yes, he probably should have tested the machine with a more competent subject, but none of his colleagues would be his guinea pig, and of his three remaining patients,

only this one was desperate enough to allow himself to be experimented on. If this experiment went well, than the Doctor had discovered a breakthrough treatment for mental disorders.

By feeling the feelings of another human, a human so successful, and realizing we all have the same doubts and fears,

the patient should find greater appreciation and acceptance of their own life. This was all theory of course. But if the experiment went poorly, well, no one knew what would happen.

And of course, he hadn't exactly gotten Molly's permission either.

Molly felt a sudden urge to run from the mirror. It felt foreign. Like another person was trying to animate her limbs for their own purpose.

For a brief moment she saw the face of a middle aged man looking back at her. She screamed, and so did the patient.

"You need to get her away from that mirror!" The doctor shouted.

"I.... I don't know how" replied the desperate patient.

Molly looked deep into the mirror and for one fleeting moment she saw an endless fractal of herself and the patient.

It was like she was seeing herself, but through his eyes, which changed her perspective, and then changed her viewpoint, which altered the way she was looking at herself, and at him,

which started the process again. An endless fractal of perception.

"It happened Doctor" exclaimed the patient in a panic. "She knows i'm here"

The doctor rushed to his machine. If he could switch it off fast enough, he could hopefully get them out before any permanent damage ocurred.

Molly shrieked, which made the patient shriek, which made the doctor yell out loud. Molly heard the doctor, which made her yell again.

The sound echoed beyond the rooms that occupied there physical bodies. It rippled through space and time and every human on earth screamed in unison.

"What is happening to me?" Shouted the patient, the doctor, snd Molly at the same time.

Every single person on earth heard the question, as if they had asked it from their own mouths.

Thats when the light began. A single light started growing, simultaneously in front of all three people. It grew between Molly and the mirror.

It grew between the doctor and the patient, expanding miles across the very earth.

In an instant of slow motion the light began tearing at the very fabric of reality. The light was so bright that they all closed their eyes.

What neither the doctor, the patient, or Molly knew, was that this excruciating light was being simultaneously experienced by every human on earth.

All of humanity closed its eyes to escape the brightness.

In the darkness, conscioussness began to merge. Every being on earth could feel the feelings of every other being.

All people everywhere could remember the memories, think the thoughts, and experience awareness through the lens of every other human on earth.

Eyes closed, each human attempted to recalibrate, to regain the sense of who they were as individuals, but it was no use. All human conscioussness had merged.

Slowly but surely a calm spread out across their being. A knowing permiated their one mind. The lessons each had learned fit the questions each had been asking.

Like a billion drops of water returning to one pond, human conscioussness had become one.

Settled ino place, humanity opened its eyes.

In front of one eye was one mirror and in front of one mirror was another mirror, and another and another, going on and on into infinity.

A single light was reflecting and refracting off each mirror.

Humanity, fuzed together as one great being, looked at itself in the mirror and laughed. Each drop released a feeling of relief.

A feeling of completion that made the whole of consciousness ease into a relaxed knowing. They were home. They were finally home.

The one being closed its eye and relished in the bliss of homecoming one final time before opening its eyes again as billions of seperate perspectives,

seperate parts of one eternal consciousness.

All across the earth humans hugged, and laughed, and marveled at the love and respect they had for eachother.

Though they once again saw through the lens of individuality, they remembered oneness.

Humankind would never again harm eachother. They could never allow for any other to be hungry, cold, or lonely. For they knew that there was no other.

Humanity began taking care of itself as a mother takes care of a newborn baby and an endless expanse of kindness and generosity followed.

Before and after every act of kindness, all of humanity greeted eachother with the most meaningful word any of them could remember. A word that summed up their collective experience.


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