"On her 18th birthday" by Jagritee Agrawal

"On her 18th birthday"
                         by Jagritee Agrawal feelings stories

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"On her 18th birthday"

"On her 18th birthday" by Jagritee Agrawal

The girl name Ritika, she was in 12th standard. Saurav was her Account teacher she took a personal tuition with him. He was doing BBA. So he guide her in best way....

Both of them doesn't realize when they start feeling for one another. But none of them speak about this. One day, Saurav decided to propose her, but he was afraid.

He thought a lot and at last he decided to propose her on her 18th birthday. Only 1 week left for her birthday. And in this 1 week he does everything that he can do.......

Finally, the day had came...its 24 November

She was at his door

His heart started ....dhak ...dhak...dhak..dhak

He opened the door

There was all dark, she aked sir what happen why its all dark

He smile nervously and say nothing Ritika

Please come in...

She was in middle of the room ... Still everything was dark

Then Saurav turn on the light and ........

And.... Ritika's eye fill with tear and hug him tightly......

But what was that....why she start crying and hug him .......you all are thinking this right

Okay ...lets continue the story....

When saurav turn on the light, she see full hall is decorated with balloons,lights, red heart and her pictures.....

In left, there was a big card with I LOVE YOU caption...and in front there was a cake with 18 shape candle.....

When she turn right she get completely surprise, Saurav was sitting in his knee with ring in his hand....

These all gesture from her make her too emotional....

Then she accept her proposal ....🌼♥️

After that she blow the candle then cut the cake ....and then ...

....and then .... .................both kiss passionately

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