Love: LGBT - Chapter Three
Love: LGBT - Chapter Three drama stories
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After helping Leon move stuff into his apartment, Gregory heads to his client's condo apartment to get paid for his services. On his way there, Gregory run into two drug dealers Buzz and Derrick chit chatting with each other and see Gregory and starts gay bashing him as soon as they see him.

Love: LGBT - Chapter Three

Love - Chapter 3

Coming up from the subway station, Gregory pumped up the stairway leading to broad and locust. The weather was still cold as he clutched on his poncho he depended on to keep him warm.

Gregory was very strong minded and came off as if he wasn't scared of nothing in his way.

The area he was in was close to downtown a bunch of stores, condos, schools, college and hard working people were.

Homeless people laid on sewer caps as the smelly warm steam kept them warm during the winter.

A couple blocks away from the client's condo, Gregory was coming up on two drug dealers sitting on a bench talking to each other.

One of the dealers was short, handsome, rough beard and had a little weight to him; As the other was slim, dressed very urban with a hood over his head with a coat over his hoodie.

One of them notice Gregory from afar and began to tap the other to get him to notice Gregory also. "Yo Buzz, look at this motherfucker here" he says while doing a double-take look at Gregory.

"What the fuck is going on here?" "What the fuck was that" they chuckled as Gregory pumped on by without saying anything to them.

"I swear 2016 niggas not niggas anymore, the fuck is wrong with him?" as they continued to bash him until he was out of their sight.

He reached the client's condo building and pressed the call button on the condo building callbox to alert the client that he was there as he waited to be buzzed in.

"Who is it?" the client asked through the condo's callbox. "It's ME!!!" Gregory snapped rolling his eyes as he was now getting cold.

The door buzzed unlocked and he pulled the door open to enter.

The hallway was very well decorated with nice interior, the hall smelled like mint, Gregory checked himself out in the mirror that was on the wall as he walked towards the elevator door.

He pressed the button for up, the elevator doors opened as the elevator was already on the floor Gregory was on.

He entered the elevator and press three on the panel of numbers indicating the floor he wanted to be on, the doors closed shut and the the elevator started to move up to the floor he requested.

The doors open to the third floor, and Gregory steps off the elevator and started walking down the well lit hallway to the client's condo,

he knocked on the door and the client opens the door with a robe on it seem as nothing was under the robe as his chest hair peeked out of the top of the robe, He motioned him to come in.

Gregory close the door behind him and the client entered a room while Gregory followed behind. "You can take your clothes off and get into bed.

" he ordered as he unrobed himself and crawled in bed bearing his naked body.

He was in his 70s with hair as white as snow, his skin was as wrinkled as if he was sat in a tub of water for a very long time. The room was very dim lit.

"I'm going to get undressed in the bathroom!" Gregory insisted, waving away towards the bathroom closing the door.

He goes over to the toilet and put the seat down and sit down putting his head in his hands.

He starts digging in his bag and pulls out a summer's eve bottle to prepare to do an anal cleansing, he stands up and look in the mirror and shakes his head again.

Deep down, Gregory hated what he was doing but he also hated working at Tootsies as a waiter; But it was easy money escorting than it was being a waiter.

He pour out the liquid that was inside of the summer's eve bottle and turned the faucet and let the water run warm and then place the bottle under the faucet and let the warm water fill up

the bottle. He puts the top on the bottle and got on all fours position and inserted it inside himself anally and squeeze the water inside of him.

he than got up and released the water into the toilet.

He repeated the process about three times until he was satisfied, he trashed the bottle and cleaned himself off with a rag he brought that was inside of his bag.

Gregory opens the bathroom door and walks over to the bed and sighs, he climbs in the bed unclothed with the client who had already handcuffed himself to the headboard of his bed.

Gregory climb on top of the client's waist and leaned over and whispers sweet nothings in his ear, The client bit his lip enjoying the words coming out of Gregory's mouth.

"Bite me" he requested while his boner thrust on Gregory's butt, Gregory rolled his eyes and bite him on the chest making the client moan.

Gregory continued biting him guiding himself to the client's penis,

wrapping his lips on the tip of his penis after a few up and down motions with his mouth the client release his semen into Gregory's throat causing him to gag a little.

Gregory got up and went to the bathroom to spit the semen out of his mouth into the toilet, washing his mouth out with water and mouthwash that was in the bathroom already.

He began putting his clothes on as a knock on the other side of the door scaring him, money slid under the door to Gregory's feet,

picking it up off the floor and counting it "You can get the fuck out now" the client said walking away from the door,

Gregory sighs counting about three thousand dollars in cash; He quickly gathered his things, rushing out the bathroom walking pass the client at the front door "God Bless you, asshole!!

" Gregory snapped as he walked out the condo.

He got on the elevator and press L for the lobby as the doors opened and Gregory walked in he looked in the mirror inside the elevator and burst into tears.

Gregory hated what he did and how he made him feel after because his clients treated him like crap after they paid him.

He walked a few blocks from the client's condo before passing the two drug dealers Buzz and Derrick, who were still outside chatting on the bench before he walked by.

"Alright Derrick, I'm bout to slide to Geez's crib to smoke, you wanna come with me?" Buzz said to the Derrick. "Nah, you go ahead I'll catch up to you later.

I'mma try to sell these last two bags before I head home." Derrick responded got up off the bench and started walking off after.

Derrick noticed Gregory walking and looked around before he said anything to Gregory, "Yo... Yo..

" derrick said he a low toned voice as Gregory ignored him, He gets up off the bench and walks up on Gregory and taps his shoulder.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" "What do you want?" gregory rasped. "I just wanted to see what was up with you." Derrick said cautiously looking around.

"My mom told me not to talk to strangers..." "Wait a minute, what is all this attitude that you giving me? I don't like all this dramatic shit you giving me right now.

I'm just trying to come over here because you seem interesting to know and i felt as though i came off to you a certain kind of way and i just wanted to kind of apologize for that...

" "A certain way, you mean how you and your little friend continuously disrespect..." Gregory rasped to Derrick who was shorter than Gregory.

"That don't really be me, it be more so on my friends part but you know i feel like we getting off on the wrong foot here like what do you doing later on tonight?

" Derrick asked still looking around suspiciously "Nothing...Nothing at all." Gregory replied. "How about you slide to my place and i cook you dinner." "To your place?" Gregory questioned "wh..

.why why would i come to your place?" "Because i'm just trying to meet new people and like i said you seem cool like its 2016 we need to leave all that beef shit behind us." Derrick tried his bes

t trying to convince Gregory into coming over, "You right" gregory gave in with a smile "you gotta number or something?" Derrick asked while taking his cracked screen phone out of his pocket "Yea

h my number is 267..." Gregory hesitated but still gave it to him. "OK cool is 8 o'clock okay with you? "Yeah that's fine" "Ok great I'll see you at 8" derrick said with a smile and turned the op

posite direction of gregory and walked away, Gregory rewrapped his poncho and started walking home to rest up and get ready for tonight.

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