Duchess Antichrist
Duchess Antichrist rap stories

jae_succa Amateur writer, lately a poet
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(WARNING: This contains strong inappropriate language. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED)

The Queen of the Damned continues her reign.
This is my version of a "Bad Bitch Rap"

I'm a amateur writer, I do this for fun. I've been really scared to share my work so please be kind

Duchess Antichrist

It's showtime folks

Better think fast and listen close

You hoes gotta know

I'm the one that's ready to go

I'm the Queen Bee with the sickest flow

Pretty eyes, thick thighs

I'm a creature of seduction

A succubus in disguise

A slut of the night, by sexual design

I'm built differently, we aren't the same breed

An enigma, unique only to me

You'll never find another

Keep being a bitch and I'll fuck your brother

Bang your father, making me your mother

Raining down terror on society

I got my blade beside me

Act a fool and I'll make a mess

Blood splatters on my dress

I'm Satan's spawn, black eyes

I'm possessed

Hell's Royalty, damned souls bow down before me

7 deadly sins and I embody them all

Duchess Antichrist, Chancellor Chaos

Calling upon the The Four Horsemen

Leading the undead

Apocalypse up ahead

Know your rank private, you're barely a soldier

Follow my orders I am your General and you're my subordinate

I might be a sub

But I establish my dominance

You stutter, you shake

No words just silence

Show times over, pack up and go

I hope you listened closely

Because I'm coming for you bro

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