The Cycle
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jadrianrainJust tapping away at the keys.
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The Cycle

by jadrianrain


Untouchable yet so very real Those words are left unsaid for the longest time Sometimes denied Others unrealized


A measure of excitement Hope Bright not alone, not Alone It's the same yet different Something stirs


Cold Or warm Happy Just Content Thoughtless and taking for granted


Close Too close Far too close Not close enough Too close Next time, I promise


Draw away Reel back, it's the same, just the same Predictable, knew this would happen Frightening, didn't want it to longing... don't want to miss...


A feeling like shattering and compressing Weight, too much Apologies spilling, stumbling, struggling to reach the other's ears Not a one will reach Missing


And Repeat

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WOW This was solidly crafted and exquisitly written. I felt a deep emotional thrust from this poem Great work