Wrong Number (Lafayette x Reader) Modern AU
Wrong Number (Lafayette x Reader) Modern AU lafayette stories

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first of all, credit to EmsterKat for the cover
I hope you enjoy! These are all going to be x reader stories but if you want I can make a ship x reader.
sorry, I will not be doing smut at all because I know some readers don't enjoy it as much as others and I am one of those people. There will be fluff and angst though :)

Wrong Number (Lafayette x Reader) Modern AU

A/N: This is the first part in a oneshot series of Hamilton oneshots x reader (This is a oneshot) follow me to get updates on the series!

Hey so, I wrote this one a long time ago, maybe even 2 years ago, but I wanted to share it anyway :3

Warnings: Stranger Danger (lmao) turtles

You open the door to your dorm and throw your bag onto the ground. You just want to rest, for today was the day you presented your history assignment about Daveed Diggs.

Even though the day went by like an hour, you were exhausted. You fell asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow, which was before your roommate entered the dorm.

After 10 minutes of rest, you got woken up by your phone. You had just gotten a text from an unknown number. You groaned but opened the message anyway.

It was an image of 4 men. One was a man with a with a ponytail and a bit of facial hair who was hugging a guy with a curly brown ponytail and freckles.

The freckled man was wearing a turtle necklace which made you laugh.

Another was wearing a horse bandana and putting bunny ears on another guy with a poofy ponytail but this time he didn't have freckles.

He was wearing a shirt that said "Who's the best? C'est moi" on it.

The picture entertained you for a few minutes but made you curious as to who these men were. You noticed you had got another message from this number and read it.

It said "Hey mon amies, come join us at my house!"

You assumed this was the man wearing the shirt with french on it. You decided to reply and said, "Sorry, wrong number but I would still love to join you!" You said, obviously joking.

You got a reply almost immediately saying "You would? Come to (address) then!"

You weren't sure if the joke flew over his head or he was just being nice, but you kind of wanted to meet these men.

So you told him you were going to come and started to make your way to your car. as soon as you started driving, you realized they could be dangerous.

Or they might have been joking and gave you a fake address. But you were too close to turn around.

When you got there, you saw a house that looked pretty normal, so you decided it was okay to knock on the door. And sure enough, it was the poofy haired man.

"Je m'appelle Lafayette!" He informed.

He stared at you for a moment but when he realized what he was doing he blushed and stopped "Come in mademoiselle! Come in!

" I walked in and saw the group from the picture sitting in a circle on the ground with a few others. They all looked up at you and smiled. They must have known you were coming

"Hi, I'm Y/N!" you began. "It's nice to meet all of you." they all introduced themselves to you, and then you started to play truth or dare.

You fit right into the group, and they started inviting you to their parties and you got a lot closer to them. They became your best friends!

You started to hang out often and eventually, your birthday was just around the corner. Lafayette wanted to get together with the group on your birthday.

You didn't think they knew it was your birthday, but you wanted to spend it with them anyway! So you accepted and went to his house.

You knocked on the door but instead of one person getting the door it was everyone. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y/N!" They all screamed.

You smiled and thanked them as John rushed over to give you a turtle necklace to match his. All well getting a bone-crushing hug from Alex and a bandana getting tied around your head by Herc.

The Schuyler sisters were also there, and they gave you beautiful pearl earrings.

You noticed that Lafayette wasn't actually there. You got a little worried. "Thank you guys so much, but where is Lafayette?" Before anyone could answer, your phone rang.

And sure enough, it was Lafayette. You picked up. "Hey, Laf! Where are you?" You asked. "Come out on the porch and you will find me.

" you hung up and everyone was squealing as you walked to the porch. You rolled your eyes and walked out.

There you found Lafayette sitting down surrounded by many candles. "Bon Anniversaire" he said with a smile. He handed you a box of chocolate croissants and you blushed.

"Thank you so much Laf!" you sat down with him and you ate the croissants together. you talked and ate for a while when Lafayette started laughing.

You were confused since you hadn't said anything funny.

"Why are you laughing, Laf?" (yes that was intentional) he smiled and answered, "Because you got chocolate on your face!" You blushed a little and asked where.

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