My Favorite Subject (King George x Maid! Reader)
My Favorite Subject (King George x Maid! Reader) hamilton stories

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I wince in agony as the ache in my back grows from bending over to dust the furniture. I can hardly stand the excruciating pain. You see, this is the pain I am put through each day. Let's start on page one. When you were a small child, did you ever dream of being the maid of a much superior ruler? Exactly.

My Favorite Subject (King George x Maid! Reader)

A/N: This is the fourth part in a Hamilton Oneshot series. To see more, follow or visit my page to get updates on new oneshots or just read the prewritten ones!

I wince in agony as the ache in my back grows from bending over to dust the furniture. I can hardly stand the excruciating pain. You see, this is the pain I am put through each day.

Let's start on page one. When you were a small child, did you ever dream of being the maid of a much superior ruler? Exactly.

Certainly, King George III is the most powerful individual in the nation,

which proposes that he has little to no limit of what he can request for which will soon be served to him on a silver platter. I, indeed, was one of his requests.

He demanded that there were more maids and servants so his palace could, quote, "Become less lonely."

What a selfish, insensitive bloke he was.

He never took the citizens if Britain's lives and families into consideration when making decisions, in fact, he never considered anyone's feelings!

I swipe the brush across the beautifully assembled bookshelf, this time more harshly. I continue my work for a long while when eventually, my back has had enough.

My body collapses against the polished white wall which glistened in the sun's reflection after hours of scrubbing.

I feel my body rising and falling repeatedly as I hyperventilate, trying to catch my breath after all the work I have done. I stare down at the duster, fiddling with the feathers.

Suddenly, I feel the presence of another person.

"What seems to be occurring miss?"

I look up and see a familiar face. The one and only. King George the third.

"My apologies, your highness, I will return to my work. Is there anything else I may be able to help you with in the meantime?"

"No, but if there is anything I can help you with-" He smiles and continues. "I am always present here in the palace. You look as if you are in pain.

Do you think you might need aid to manage it?"

I stand in silence, not sure what to say next.

"I can manage, your majesty, although, I am your obedient servant, and I have buisness to attend to.

Furthermore, it would be greatly appreciated if you would help me by letting me finish these walls."

I cover my mouth in shock, knowing my words did not come out in the right tone, especially when talking to royalty.

I knew I sounded more formal than necessary, but when you're talking to your leader, you get flustered. I nervously anticipate his next action.

"That's nonsense. I will have another maid finish the process you've started and have you visit the nurses. Please, come along."

I swallow hard. My hands are sweaty. "Of course, my lord."

He glances at me as he escorts me to the nurses. "Lord?" He smirked. "Lord is an irrelevant name. Perhaps, you could call me George? No one ever calls me simply George anymore.

It would feel utterly pleasant to hear."

I twirl my duster around (Every maid has one so she doesn't have to leave it for the maid who will be polishing the walls) and give him a sheepish smile.

"Your wish is my command, your ma- I mean- George." I laugh silently.

----Time skip (not that long) sponsored by the hairy feet King George may posses----

When we find the nurses, George and I go our separate ways. The nurses examine my spine and neck. They tell me I should lie on my back and rest for the next few days.

How would I be able to complete such a task? I have to assist the King and clean the palace! I thank the nurses and finally return to my work. I sigh when I see George approaching me.

He has a concerned look on his face.

"You still look like you're in pain! Did the nurses do anything? Did it help if so? If it didn't I will scold them for you! Do not worry!"

I cringe a bit as an overwhelming feeling spreads across my body.

"They told me I would have to lie down on my back for a few days with almost no movement and lots of rest. However, I cannot do such a thing for I am a maid," I frown.

He laughs softly. "I am the king, therefore I can declare that such a fair maiden like you deserves some rest!"

I blush a light pink as he speaks those words. The king...had called me, a mediocre, unable to accomplish any good in life, servant...beautiful. I am speechless.

"Uh, I- well, um... How?" I blurt out. He takes my hand.

"Would you accompany me on this walk?" So we're doing this again.

"My pleasure, George." I followed him, my hand still in his as he leads me to a large room with a king bed that had silky white covers and was surrounded by crystalline curtains.

The room has a pleasant aroma and large windows on each side letting the bright sunlight into the room.

"Now, do what the nurses prescribed. Lay down."

I climb onto the bed and do as told. He walks over to the bed and sits on the edge.

"The other maids and I will make sure you have a wonderful recovery so you will have the ability to get back to work. Or if you would like, you could take a few days off. Or months.

Or years," He studies my eyes closely. I stare back, noticing every detail of his deep, blue, clear, beautiful eyes. He looks away again and laughs.

"Your eyes are...lovely."

I blush and feel a feeling I hadn't felt before. What is he doing?

"Well, thanks! Yours are nice as well," I mentally facepalm. That was not what I was meant to say. He chuckles.

"Well, I should leave you to get some rest so you can get back on your feet soon enough. After all, you're my favorite subject," He pecks my cheek and exits the room.

My eyes grow wide and I hold my hand up to my cheek. What...In...The...World...Just...Happened?

I close my eyes and my thoughts and questions grow and grow. I eventually drift into slumber.

+++King's POV+++

I quietly open the door, making certain that Y/N is now asleep. The woman fascinates me. She's a god, compared to me. I cannot fathom that she attempted to use the name lord on me.

I get closer to the bed.

"Sweet dreams, my precious flower." I kiss her forehead as a flame ignites inside of me. I tiptoe to the door and out of the room. I will do anything to make her my queen.

Short A/N: Sorry that the end got a little strange but I hope you liked the chapter!

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