King’s Orders: A Boston Tea Party Narrative PAGE TWO!
King’s Orders: A Boston Tea Party Narrative PAGE TWO! hamilton stories

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(A/N: Hey guys, gals, and non-binary pals! I know the title and picture may be deceiving, and I apologize! I honestly have no idea what to title this story, but since it is about the Coercive Acts, I figured King George III would be a nice figure to have on the front. Anyways, enjoy the story!)

John Silver, a man born into the New England colonies is angry with the British Parliament. He decides to take part in an act that may change his perspective of the world he knows. He and his dearest friend James, however, have a deep secret that could cause life to fall apart. Will he survive through the dastardly events? Read this narrative to discover the true meaning of his lives. (Yes, I meant lives.)

King’s Orders: A Boston Tea Party Narrative PAGE TWO!

This is part two out of two. Look on my page if you would like to read part one.

I walk through the morning, slowly becoming thirstier and thirstier. I walk through small cottages and large towns until the feeling of recognition washes over me.

But not the type of recognition I was hoping for. I see a box of tea from Britain.

I kick it to the side and realize I am home in the still frosty Boston, where the sun is glazed over by the foggy sky. I race to the local tavern to get my hands on something to drink.

I push open the firm door and order a drink almost instantaneously. I see the drink slide over to me and I swig it down in a little over a second.

I turned around and gasped as my friend James is behind me. I hugged him and he hugged back tightly.

"Where have you been? It has been so long!" Right. How long had it been?

"I haven't seen you in days! I even tried to get into your house, but nobody was home!" I was tempted to tell him I was now wanted by the British, but no one could find out about that.

I could be killed. I did not know the orders were serious and now I am facing the punishment.

"I was visiting my cousin just out of Boston."

He shrugged.

"But you tell me everything? What happened?"

I raise my eyebrows.

"I did tell you, did I not?"

He puts his hand on his chin for a moment.

"I do not recall it."

Suddenly, the door of the tavern slams open, loud enough for everyone in the peaceful environment to flinch and turn.

A man clothed in red enters the tavern. He is noticeably armed, he must be a soldier.

"Where is John?" I do not move an inch and stare like everyone else. I could not be caught. But obviously, all eyes turned to me. I felt nothingness again.



You know how people very often say the phrase "Three strikes and you're out?"

Well, now I'm sure this phrase is true. I wake up in my house. I try to get up out of bed, but I look down and immediately scream in sheer terror. I am floating.

I go through the door and look down at beautiful Boston. I find the closest person and ask,

"Hello, can you please help me?"

But they ignore me and go through my body. This is when I realize that I was shot. I fly to the tavern and see James sitting at the bar counter, sobbing.

I try to reach out to be there for him, but of course, my hand goes through his shoulder. I leave the tavern and start to float up. I reach the clouds and discover I am able to sit on them.

Suddenly everything gets faster. Within moments, our country has gained independence, and James appears next to me. He had finally reached his last life.

I grabbed him tightly and pull him into the tightest hug I believe I have ever given. He cries onto my shoulder and I too cry. We pull apart and he just smiles at me.

When all of a sudden, we hear rumbling. A man with long white hair and a long scruffy beard rises from the bottom of the cloud. "Hello. You have passed.

" James and I look at each other in confusion. "Passed?" "Yes." He replies. "You know, not all humans have three lives. You were chosen to have three lives.

We knew you would be the ones to use them wisely." He states. "Who is we?" We say in unison. "That shall never be revealed." The man disappears, leaving us with our mouths dangling open.

I think for a moment and feel proud for being chosen. I motioned for James to come and join me on the cloud. We watch the nation grow, slowly but surely. Innovation never fading.

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