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jadiebutterfly Always the truth 🦋
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One that involves two people, balloons,
the clown and moon.

Sugary littles

We meet as blue and pink, in a carnival where a boy meets girl. They hook their arms and hold our strings, chewing bubblegums and bouncing us above their heads.

The sun readies its paint buckets, overpaints the blue in tomato orange squeezes Boy kisses girl we wiggle our ways upwards, sniffing savoury sunset and passing gossamer vapour.

We burst through the blanket that divides earth and space the two divines.

We glide in helium Hope towards the motherly moon that welcomes us with open arms. in our burgeoning love we will to settle, hovering like dreamy bubbles and bottling ourselves in shimmering deception.

We silhouette against its generous glow, that night as the two earthlings gaze up to wish, they see a pair of mysterious dark eyes above two wavy streams,

like a clown in tears distributing balloons to plaster smiles on some stiffened faces

He who weeps in loneliness, has sealed the lips of two happy youths, and blessed the lives of blue and pink.

He, who tries to make ends meet, has intertwined the naive loves of two pairs of sugary littles.

Jadiebutterfly Always the truth 🦋

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