10 pt 2
10 pt 2 coma stories

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Go with Alisha on her way to work, a continuation of her seemingly perfect life.

10 pt 2

Dressed and on her way to work, Alisha remembered that she had picked up a birthday card off the counter with a ten-dollar bill inside.

Since there was a decent coffee shop on the way, she decided to stop in and treat herself.

"Can I get a medium cappuccino with a cake pop, please? Today's my birthday!" The barista nodded and Alisha awaited her treat.

About five minutes later he set down a cute white paper bag and put his hand out to accept her money. As she looked at what the total was, she noticed it came to exactly ten dollars.

"Wow, it really has been a perfect day!" Alisha laughs to herself as she energetically bounces away.

Realizing she needed to get a taxi rather than walk the whole way, she stopped at the edge of the sidewalk. Within a few seconds, one pulled up and she climbed in.

Once Alisha arrived at work she caught the elevator up to the fourth floor where her tidy desk awaited.

"Hey George, I watched the game last night, it's great that our home team won!". George nods and smiles as Alisha settles into her desk for the day.

Just before she starts heading out for lunch, she gets an email saying to go to her boss's office for a quick spontaneous meeting.

When she arrives in her office, she sees an empty box sitting on the desk. Immediately her mind fills with worry. She thinks to herself "am I being fired?".

Then she sees a sign being held up by her boss saying "Congratulations, you've been promoted!!". She grabs the box to move her small collection of office supplies up to her new cubicle.

So far everything has gone ideally for her, and she doesn't have a single doubt that things will continue to be that way.

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