Yellow Rose: A Response to "Burning"
Yellow Rose: A Response to "Burning" pain stories

jacobsumpter Community member
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A response to "Burning." If you would like to read "Burning," it can be found on my page!

Yellow Rose: A Response to "Burning"

Words cannot describe the pain in my heart

The pain in your chest,

The pain that drives us apart

Words cannot heal the wound dealt deep

The wound that lingers

The wound that drives away sleep

Words cannot be my sterling salvation

The words that fail us

The words seeping in desperation

Those words drove the sword deeper

Those words were sharp and selfish

Those words were meant to be sweeter

I am so sorry, dearest one

So sorry I was careless

So sorry for what I’ve done

So sorry I failed you,

You who shone golden

brighter than a summer sun

Now dimmed in winter

I know what I’ve done.

I am so sorry I hurt you

You, who was my dearest one


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