Jake McCartney and Crunchem Hall.
Jake McCartney and Crunchem Hall. jake stories

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"Jake McCartney and Crunchem Hall" It was a lovely morning at Crunchem Hall, one of the very first ones there since the Trunchbull was run out of the school.

Jake McCartney and Crunchem Hall.

"Jake McCartney and Crunchem Hall"

It was a lovely morning at Crunchem Hall, one of the very first ones there since the Trunchbull was run out of the school.

The sun was shining, the students were congregating in the schoolyard awaiting another day at school. At the gate, cars were stopping to let students off at the school one-by-one.

This day, amongst the normal number of cars was a new one, letting a new student out, a boy with brown hair and hazel eyes, named Jake McCartney.

His family had just moved to the area over the summer and after finding that Crunchem Hall might be a good fit for him, enrolled him into the school.

Jake shyly walked through the gate onto the school grounds with his backpack in tow.

Stopping in the middle of the courtyard, he looked around to find students chattering amongst each other, laughing and having fun.

Jake wasn't sure wether or not he would experience what the other students were experiencing.

He stood there thinking about what the school would be like until the bell rang to go inside the school.

Making his way through the crowd of students, he ended up at the door, where he was greeted by the headmistress of the school.

"Hello there," the headmistress said "You must be Jake McCartney, the new student. I'm Ms. Honey, the headmistress of this school."

"Hi, Ms. Honey," Jake replied nervously "N-Nice to meet you.."

"Nice to meet you, too." Ms. Honey replied "Don't be nervous, you'll have fun here. I'm sure of it.

" With that, she led him into the building and to his homeroom, where after meeting his teacher, he sat at a table until school officially started.

While his homeroom was a special education class, he would be going out to regular classes during the day.

After the school day had started, he went to his first class of the day.

The teacher had him come up to the front of the class where he was introduced to the students, was assigned a seat and began his work.

The first subject of the day, social studies, which was Jake's favorite subject, went pretty well, as did the rest of the morning classes until it was time for lunch.

In the lunchroom, Jake, who had brought his own lunch went into the lunchroom, and was scouting out a place to sit and eat, he looked and looked until he heard a voice calling out.

"Hey!" The voice said. Jake looked around with a puzzled look on his face, wondering where the voice was coming from.

"Hey!" The voice said again, Jake looked once again and this time found where the voice was coming from.

A girl who was a little older than him with a red ribbon in her hair was calling out to him and motioning for him to come sit with her and her friends.

The girl of course, was Matilda Wormwood, but Jake didn't realize this. He went over and sat with the group of students, and as he was taking his lunch out of his lunchbox, the girl spoke up.

"Hello," she said "Are you Jake McCartney?"

"Yes," Jake replied "How do you know my name?"

"Ms. Honey told me," she said "I'm Matilda, Matilda Wormwood, Ms. Honey adopted me a while ago."

"Hi, Matilda." Jake said pulling his peanut butter and jelly sandwich out of its ziplock bag.

"Are you new around here?" Matilda asked

"Yes, my mom, dad, and I moved here not too long ago."

Matilda nodded and the two had a long chat until the bell rang and they went on to their classes.

Matilda believed that she had made a good first impression on Jake, as Ms.

Honey had instructed her to talk to him and make him feel welcome, feeling that he might not be as nervous on his first day if he had someone of his age group to speak to.

At the end of the day, when Jake had packed up his supplies in his backpack, Matilda was there at the classroom door,

ready to walk him out of the school and to the car that he'd be going home in that day.

After getting in the car, fastening his seatbelt, his mother asked "What is her name?" Referring to Matilda, who had walked him to the car.

Jake told his mother and his mother says "It was nice of her to walk you out, I hope you told her 'Thank you'" she said

"Yes, I did, mom." He replied. He had a pretty decent first day at Crunchem Hall and had hoped to have an even better day the next day.

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