Jake McCartney and Crunchem Hall: Chapter 3
Jake McCartney and Crunchem Hall: Chapter 3  jake stories

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"Jake's Afternoons and Weekend" Jake McCartney loves being with his friends at Crunchem Hall, but he also enjoys having time to himself after school to decompress and relax after a long day.

Jake McCartney and Crunchem Hall: Chapter 3

"Jake's Afternoons and Weekend"

Jake McCartney loves being with his friends at Crunchem Hall, but he also enjoys having time to himself after school to decompress and relax after a long day.

In his bedroom, he'll sit or lay down upon his bed and rest. Sometimes, he'll watch a movie on his television, other times he'll play a video game or two.

Sometimes, he'll even take a nap after arriving home from school. Whatever he does, home is where he likes to be the most.

One fine day, Jake came home from Crunchem Hall, feeling rather tired, so after putting his backpack down, and taking his tennis shoes off, he crawled into bed and went off to sleep.

When he woke up, it was time for dinner, so he sleepily went into the kitchen, got his dinner, put it on a tray and took it into his bedroom to eat.

Whilst eating he watched a show on tv, nothing special, just Jeopardy.

Why would he watch a show like that? Because there was usually nothing else to watch at that time of the day on the antenna ears that were on top of his tv set.

Other than that, it was business as usual that day.

The next day, when he arrived home from school, he laid in his bed, thinking about how well his day had gone. His classes were fine, he saw his friends, and nothing annoyed or upset him.

Finding himself unable to get to sleep, he decided to go play out in the yard for a little while until dinnertime.

While he was outside, blowing bubbles from a container of bubble potion, his mother came outside to ask him something.

"Jake," she asked "What do you want for dinner?"

Jake thought for a second and asked "What can we have?"

She told him his options, pizza, tacos, or spaghetti.

Jake was apparently hungry for spaghetti, as that's what he told his mother.

"That's what your father wanted, too," she replied "Y'all are just alike."

Jake did not know what she meant by that and resumed blowing his bubbles.

Later after dinner, and after doing his homework, Jake went into his bedroom to play some video games.

This time, he decided to play a baseball video game on his DreamCube. He was deep into playing his baseball game, leading the game thirteen to one.

All he had to do was get the next three outs and he'd win the game.

The first two batters in the opposing team's lineup went down on strikes, then just as the third batter came up, his mother told him to turn the game off and take a bath.

Being the rule-follower that he is, he turned it off and went off to take a bath.

The next day was Saturday, so, as Jake did not have to go to school, he went to the grocery store with his mother, while his father was sleeping in.

Jake liked going to the grocery store, he liked to walk around and get things that were needed for the week ahead, and sometimes if he had been good at school all week,

he would be able to get a comic book from the rack near the bookshelves where books were being sold.

That day, Jake had gotten a brand new issue of Sonic, his favorite comic book, and was eagerly awaiting to get home so he could read it.

After getting that, cereal, potato chips, drinks and more, he and his mother checked out.

After checking out and paying for everything, they went to get lunch from a fast food restaurant and went home.

Later, while Jake was at home, he was happily eating his cheeseburger and reading his brand new comic, until there came a knock on the front door, it was his next door neighbor,

Jayce who wanted to know if Jake could come out and play baseball in his backyard with him.

Since Jake had finished his lunch, he did just that, went out and played baseball in his backyard with his friend.

It was great fun playing baseball,

he and Jayce would pretend that they were on a professional baseball team and would have many fantasy games against the other teams in the "Major Leagues" as well as some imaginary teams,

such as the "Chicago Chili Dogs"

Sometime, after the two friends had stopped playing baseball, and went home, Jake was sitting on the couch watching some cartoons on TV, when the telephone rang.

His mother went up to the phone and answered it.

"Hello?" She answered-pause-"Oh, yes, Ms. Honey!"-pause-"It is?"-pause-"He's what? Really? He'll just love that! He likes being with his friend.

I'm sure he'll come!"-pause "Right! I'll tell him and then have him call her. Thank you, goodbye.

" She hung the phone up, walked over to Jake, asked him to either turn the sound on the TV off or turn the television off for just a minute.

"Am I in trouble?" Jake asked nervously

"Oh, no" his mother replied "Miss Honey just called to tell me that your friend, Matilda has invited you to her birthday party next weekend."

"Really?" Asked Jake

"Yes." His mother replied

"Well, then," Jake said pausing for a minute to rub his chin, then continuing once he had finished doing that, "I'd love to!"

"Great!" His mother said "You call Matilda tomorrow and tell her you're coming, and start thinking about what you're going to get her for her birthday, okay?"

Jake nodded, and unmuted the television so he could go back to his cartoon that he was watching.

The next afternoon, Jake went over to the telephone,

looking at a sticky note that his mother had written down Matilda's phone number on so he could call and tell Matilda that he was coming to her birthday party.

Normally, Jake does not like to call people on the telephone, save for his grandparents, but today, he had to call his friend.

After working up the courage to do so, he picked up the phone, dialed Matilda's phone number. It rang for a little bit, then Matilda answered the phone.

"Hello?" She answered.

"Hi, is this Matilda Wormwood?" Jake asked

"This is she." Matilda replied

"Hi, Matilda, this is Jake. Listen, I just called to tell you that I'm coming to your birthday party next weekend."

"You are?" Matilda asked

"Yes, I am." Jake replied

"Great! I'll have Ms. Honey call your mom tomorrow with the details. Thanks for calling!"

"You're welcome!" Jake said "Bye-bye."

"Goodbye." Matilda replied

They both hung up. Now all Jake had to worry about was figuring out what to get her for her birthday before the next weekend...

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