Jake McCartney and Crunchem Hall chapter 2: Jake's Friends
Jake McCartney and Crunchem Hall chapter 2: Jake's Friends jake stories

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"Jake's Friends" Jake McCartney had been attending Crunchem Hall for a week and he had been doing very well.

Jake McCartney and Crunchem Hall chapter 2: Jake's Friends

"Jake's Friends"

Jake McCartney had been attending Crunchem Hall for a week and he had been doing very well.

The teachers liked him, the students liked him because he was hilarious, and he had made a few friends for that reason.

Everyday when he got to school, he would look forward to seeing and being with his friends, though Matilda Wormwood, one of his friends was in a higher class than him, he would see her at lunch,

recess and after school had ended. One fine day, Jake had just gone to recess and was walking around the playground, when Matilda walked up to him.

"Hi, Jake." Matilda greeted

"Hi, Matilda" Jake replied

"How are you?" Matilda asked

"I'm good." Jake said "Just going to classes, doing work and being pretty funny when I can be funny!"

Matilda nodded

The two friends talked about their day and then, Jake went off to play while Matilda sat under a shady tree and began to read a book.

Sometime after that, Jake was at lunch. He had just sat down to eat his turkey sandwich when Bruce Bogtrotter, another of his new friends sat next to him.

After comparing what both had for lunch that day they began to talk about what they do at home.

"Well," Jake said "I watch TV, play video games, play outside, ride my bicycle, do my homework of course and that's it."

Bruce was amazed at how many things Jake does at home.

"Did you do all that stuff before you came here?" He asked

"Yes." Jake replied "I even played with some friends from my old street before I moved here." He then held up a piece of red velvet cake and asked "Want to half?"

"No, thanks, Jake." Bruce said "I've had enough for quite a while" he was remembering how the Trunchbull had made him consume a whole chocolate cake in front of all the students once.

Jake knew about this because Matilda had told him all about it. With that, Jake ate his slice of cake and after the bell had rang, the two friends went off to their next class.

After the school day had ended and Jake went home, he went into his bedroom and began to draw after talking into his cassette tape recorder.

He was drawing pictures of him and his new friends that he had made at Crunchem Hall.

First, he drew a picture of himself with Matilda, then he drew a picture of himself with Bruce Bogtrotter, finally he drew a picture of himself with Lavender.

After he had finished drawing his pictures, he put them in his binder, and went off to dinner.

He did not have to worry about doing any homework that night for it was Friday night and that meant his favorite day of the week, Saturday was tomorrow.

Next morning, Jake woke up when he was ready, watched some cartoons on tv while waiting for his mother and father to get up.

After finishing his breakfast, he got dressed and went outside to walk around in the front yard.

It was while he was walking around the yard, he noticed that somebody was walking up the sidewalk, someone he knew.

Jake could not tell who it was at first, but as the person grew closer and closer, he could tell who it was...It was Matilda!

What is Matilda doing in this neighborhood? Jake thought to himself, he had never seen any of his friends from school come to his street before.

He was wondering wether he should go back inside the house or if he should just keep talking into his tape recorder and hope that Matilda did not see him.

After all, his mentality was that school was at school and home was at home, also believing that the two should never, ever cross over with each other.

Matilda, on the other hand was walking up the street, having gotten out of the house to get some fresh air.

Getting closer and closer to Jake's house, she saw that Jake was in the yard and took it upon herself to go see him and see how his weekend was going thus far.

As Jake was still wondering what to do, Matilda entered his yard, waved at him, and walked up to him.

"Hi, Jake." She said "How's your day so far?"

"Hiya, Matilda." Jake replied "It's going good, thanks."

"What are you doing?" Matilda asked

"I'm, uh, talking into my tape recorder." Jake replied holding his tape recorder up.

"Is it fun to talk into it?" Matilda asked

"Yes, it is." Jake said "I talk about whatever I want to talk about in it, mostly. One time though, I put it up to the TV and recorded the sound from it on to the tape!"

Matilda laughed at that last fact. "You seem to like it!" She said.

Jake nodded. "I've been out here ever since my cartoons ended this morning. Later, I'm going to get my bike and ride up to the end of the road and back."

"You have a bike?" Matilda asked

"Yes, a stingray!" Jake answered with a smile on his face.

Matilda just smiled. She then told Jake about a book she recently read and he told Matilda about the recent issue of the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book he had read.

Matilda then went on her merry way, and Jake began to talk into his tape recorder again, this time he talked about his visit from Matilda.

Later, Jake rode his stingray bicycle up and down the road he lived on.

While he was doing that he began to think about how he had already made some good friends at Crunchem Hall such as Matilda and Bruce.

He also wondered why oh why he didn't have his binder with his drawing out there with him as he was going to give the drawing he had drawn of himself and Matilda to her when she visited

him earlier.

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