A date with Lucy.
A date with Lucy. acid stories

jackwainwright Conceited as they come.
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Lucy the lover, Lucy the dreamer, she'll keep you up all night.

A date with Lucy.

4pm, we're away, anticipation excitement and suspense wrapped up in a sober consciousness. Stifled and haltered slightly by the yacked up bile of the passenger to the side of me.

Too ill to take Lucy out on a date I see.

5pm, he's stood at the window grinning in the rain handing a small clear bag of paper diamonds, well to us they were diamonds. And maybe the police too.

A mix up of money and hands leads to a mix up of paper and tongue in my mouth.

The excitement and torture of suspense rebuilds. Biting at my heels; doing more than I'd ever done before, tonight's going to be a real ride for sure.

Within the span of 20 minutes I'm already smiling like a bastard on his birthday, by the 40th minute the waves and treble of my vision began to alter to fit the pattern of an asymmetrical world.

I'd tell you the rest, but its almost as if poor old Lucy; that diamond in the sky, warped my entire mind that night. So the rest is not history, for it was so surreal; it was more of a mystery.

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