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The first part of a longer saga; a depiction of the onset of alcoholism.


under lilac glow of dusk and clouded treetop

Lilian found her first love.

she was nestled into the crutch of Henry’s

arm. his back bled lightly, raw skin bare against bark and low-hung branches.

she traced a line smearing red

from his shoulder blade, down his side

into the crease of his lower belly.

the band of his boxer briefs stained red,

now and again and she was almost ready.

Lilian put a bottle to her lips,

a fifth of spiced rum and Henry placed his thumb at the base

and he tilted the bottle up and for the first time in her seventeen years

Lilian’s throat went hot,

then numb.

Henry had brought the bottle and with it the warmth

she now felt

between her ears

and her legs and tar soaked his teeth and tongue when he said,

it won’t hurt much.

a warmth rose in her belly,

the erotic nature of tar and rot.

she asked but it will hurt and henry said yes, but not much.

Lilian sipped from the bottle resting by her ankles and grimaced,

her warmth subsided.


fingers like tendrils wrapped

her shoulder and moved to her throat,

pinning her gently, his other hand gripped the warmth between her legs.

the lilac glow shimmered and dimmed with flecks of white and grey.

please go slow

he entered her.

henry’s band stained red, now and again.


she gazed at the treetops as he thrusted inside of her,

grunting and grimacing under a glow

like the shine from a hospital floor.

her throat ached.

Henry thrusted until he came and it took a long time.

she tilted the bottle and threw it back

like she sometimes watched Henry do.

her throat sparked flame and she imagined a swell in her belly

searing and smoking and Henry’s rough fingers

ran down her temple to her cheek,

tracing tears to the corners of her mouth

and the inner crest of her lower lip.

slipping into her mouth, rough on her tongue,

prodding the back of her throat.

the ache between her legs grew.

you need a ride to your moms?

Henry kissed Lilian on the mouth, tilting her chin to his own.

she exited the car and stood before her home.

she did not look at him as he drove off.

she collapsed on the grass, already wet with dew, spices in hand

she burned her throat until she saw stars and for the first time

she drank passed melancholy

and she found true oblivion.

under lilac glow of dusk and clouded treetop,

Lilian found her first love.

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