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jacksonisaac Just a tradie
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This poison is everywhere. You can not escape it.

Popular Poison

She had a smile that lit the room with a warm glow. Everywhere she went happiness and enthusiasm would pour from those around her. Long chestnut hair cascaded over her shoulders.

Rose coloured cheeks swelled through her golden tanned skin. I thought she must have been the happiest woman I had met. I thought that everything in life must have come easy for her.

But she wasn’t, and it didn’t.

A poison had entered her beautiful sanctuary of a mind. A poison so powerful that she couldn’t escape it.

Everywhere she turned it would be seeping towards her like the smoke from a stick of incense.

Turn on commercial television and it was there, beautiful bodies showing off their amazing lifestyles.

Switch on commercial radio and she could hear it, the fake laughter from a pack of poisoned presenters. And worst of all. That thing she always kept by her side.

That thing we all can’t seem to go two minutes from looking at. A smartphone.

The culmination of everything that she thought she ever wanted, presented to her like a sushi train. Worse still, it was offered to her by equally poisoned minds.

Brainwashed zombies disguised as friends.

This poison left her desperate for acceptance. Not from her family or those that truly loved her. But from strangers that she had never met. They seemed to have it all.

From self-proclaimed gurus of life. They seemed to know it all. From old school friends. They seemed to be doing much better than her. These were her prophets. The smartphone was her holy book.

An outline of how life must be lived to be content. And like us all, she obeyed. Whether she knew it or not.

Once the poison had entered, it seemed there was only one cure. Money. Get it and spend it. Spend it on all those things you don’t need. So, she did.

She spent it on the clothes that the pretty girl had. She spent it on the travel that the cultured girl did. She spent it on the food that the healthy girl ate.

She spent it on the degree that the smart girl earned. Then she could be one of the prophets. Sharing the best snippets of life to her followers. Showing them the path to enlightenment.

However, this didn’t make her happy or content. She was now spreading the poison everywhere. It had consumed her life in every way.

She had pushed away her family. She had pushed away everyone that loved her. She had pushed herself away, leaving behind a hollow shell. Swimming in a sea of confusion with waves of anxiety and depression crashing into her.

This was not the enlightened life she was hoping for. Alone in the world, not knowing how special she truly was.

She couldn’t take it anymore. She could feel the poison more than ever. Only now, she could see where it was coming from. A rage came over her like a bear that had been woken from it’s sleep.

First thing in her path, the computer. A fist landed on it and smashed the screen into a spiderweb of fractured glass.

Next was the television. The small coffee table it rested on was upended as it crashed backwards into the wall.

Finally, she reached for her phone. With her last ounce of energy in this fit of rage she hurled the phone so hard it smashed through the living room window.

Then, she sat in silence as a calmness came over her. Hours past as her heart began to beat slower and slower. The poison had gone. She was finally at peace.

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