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As I was driving home I felt a sudden urge to cry to god So I did

Ya ya we get it

As I was driving home I felt a sudden urge to cry to god

So I did

I can't quite remember what I asked him but "help" just about sums it up

And as I was driving along I felt the sudden urge to stop

So I did

I got out of my car and walked across the street to the nearest tree and leaned my head against it

After some of my pleas for help I walked past the tree a little ways and Nelt on the ground

As I was sitting there I heard an owl and some tussling across the gravel road behind me

So I walked back across the street till I got to a fence gate

on the other side of the gate were 2 horses

I made some clicking noises and beckoned them toward me

After about 10-15 minutes of this one finally made his/her (I never checked) way to me

I then slowly worked my way from light brush on the tip of the nose to holding its head in my arm for a second till the weight of its skull was too much to hold above a barbed wire fence

While I did this I attempted to understand its plight

I realized that his ancestors had once roamed free

Only for there descendent to be left in a relatively small box chewing on the same shit week in and week out

By this point the other horse had built up the nerve to join us

While telling them the story of there existence I found myself realizing that any attempt to break them from there prison would probably lead to self damnation

Now this bothered me

It left me with the feeling that something had been stolen

Not in the common sense like something was owned and it had been physically taken by another

But like it had been whittled away over generations

So slowly that you would never notice anything was missing

And by the time it was gone you forgot that you had it in the first place

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