Don't Betray Her Memory
Don't Betray Her Memory love stories

jackjack Community member
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This is my first ever poem, about a love I meet but was only able to see for a few weeks. In that time I never confessed my love and now I only have that memory. And since I don't want to ruin that memory I have sworn never to do anything that would ruin or defile that memory. i would appreciate any and all feedback about it, even critical.

Don't Betray Her Memory

I saw the angel of love

She was young and without conflict

Void of a flaw, she was perfect

She was better than a dove

I only knew her for a short time

For it only was a few weeks

But I was weak

My love was only in its young prime

I dreamt of her at night

And days became dreams with her

All I needed was an answer

But professing would lead to fright

We got close and became friends

But time was dwindling

I could not lose her kindling

But our time had come to an end

Now all I have is a memory

A memory of her angel glow

With talent untouched, so

Don't betray her memory

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