The Stars and The Moon
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Little life

I live a little life,
In a brittle little room.
Where every day I sleep,
Where every night I loom.
And It's a nice place to hide,
From the little things I'm feeling.
I've taped flowers to the wall,
And a sky to the ceiling.
And every little thing,
I wish I could say.
Is in a little poem,
That perhaps
you'll read

The Stars and The Moon

by jackdavies

And did I ever tell you About the moon and the stars that freckle an ink black sky? About why, that endless darkness and rain of countless sparks have always seemed like home to me.

And did I ever tell you, That I had a spaceship once, but I guess like most I had also boast a word wielding brother and a dark hearted mother and I didn't have a space ship very long.

It flew off full of teddy bears and mothers warm love, to where star strung light still pours from above and I wondered if it was, the colour of heaven.

Till that child like faith was ripped from the seams, so these days those stars are only painted in dreams and it's daylight right now and I have to squint to see them, let alone be them.

Yet, still, when I sleep, I swear that starlight seeps down and trickles around my soundless head. And as I lay dumbfound upon a cold groundless bed I am surrounded instead by moonlight

And in that pale night did I ever recite to you that your eyes were the moon, and those goosebumps were galaxies, and your nails tore constellations from my skin.

And your cheeks they held more fire than a galaxy of stars, oh did we even notice the moonlight that started to rain down in waterfalls from the tips of our dancing tongues,

and every shuddered breath

And did I ever tell you, I've tried to cling to those sleep scattered nights but like throwing up a net and trying to catch the sky, at best I'll paint the ceiling, lay on my bed with starry eyes

But I guess that that's alright as long as I'm sleeping and dreaming of moons, or dancing on goosebumps where galaxies grew, until my spaceship returns from the heavens it flew

And did I ever tell you, About the stars and the moon.

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