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jackdavid2 beginner spoken word artist and poet
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a Poetic story about living life to you fullest and excepting your fate because you can not change what is done Already


Water drops to the pace of a clock, tick Tok those drops will not stop until your time has come up. So use every second do not let them waste, your time is so precious don't waste it away

We walk to the pace of that drop, in a space our bodies take up, in a universe uncomprehending of our Existence or thought.

Every step that we take brings use closer to the Inevitable darkness and brings us closer to faith.

While time is real to us, it's a construct of how we live our days, to the clock we are a slave. Drip drop water drops to the pace of the clock,

Annoyed by the sound of the drops hitting the trough, we attempt to stop them, only in Vein cause they will not stop. Tick tock tick tock.

The water won't stop we so we stop moving forward in life and marvel our hate at and expend our energy on what is already fate. We fight with all our Strength to hold off our fate, but tick tock the water still drops.

We run away, as fast as we can but no gains will be made, the universe already has it written on a page your fate is engraved, don’t waste your life blood on what can’t be saved. tick Tock Says the clock. Drip drop drip drop your wasting your life away

We are scared to face the pain at the end of the day, afraid of what is to come so we try to push it away.

So caught up with fighting he wasted away, limited moments of time, we just gave it away

tick tock water drops to the pace of the clock.

We can't find away but it is to late,

we wasted the energy we had to enjoy and fuel our days, looking for a Nonexistent exit out of this place.

But stillTick tock water drops to the pace of the clock, but the last drop has dripped, horror on his face all the time he has wasted trying to beat what is fate,

as the drop hits the ground the clock stops, so does his warmth as he finally leaves the place he existed but with nothing to show because he was afraid of this day.

He fought tooth and nail but he lays in his grave, he's bones, a gift from the universe are wasting away.

His last moments of breath all he had though, was he wasted his life trying to beat the clock.

So tick tock the water drops at the pace of the clock, go with the pace and don't turn away, live your life to the fullest and dont be afraid, moving on from this body is our human way,

the particles of the universe will lead you away, enjoy what you have and don't fight the wave . Tick tock the water drops to the pace of the clock.

Every moment you have, 3use to the fullest and enjoy all your moments because one day the last drop drops and your clock will stop, today Or tomorrow,

1 year or 20 all our times come so enjoy what come tomorrow

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