Life Against Time
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j_danCommunity member
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My first post! This is a super abstract poem that I wrote in about 10 minutes. If it's hard to find meaning, I understand. Sometimes it's hard for me to find meaning in my own stuff as I'm the type who when writing has another side of me "take over" that I can't explain fully (ie it feels as if someone else is writing and not me). Enjoy, and feel free to give me improvement feedback or what you think the meaning of the poem is!

Life Against Time

Back and forth, pardon the sorts, my mind is racing against time,

Energy at the quantum, live for summum bonum, sacrifice or get in line,

Ticking hands, the time wasn't sand, but rather a wall of nails,

Truth too stale, like to hide the fail, broken my heart is a jail,

Sweeping through the ducts, into the light I was sucked, tried to find the missing piece,

Found the truth at last, life now a half-full glass, no longer a stranger to peace.

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