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j_dan Community member
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The beauty of space is hard to put into words, so here is my best attempt!

Into the Sky

As I look beyond the clouds I can't help but think,

How something could be so unnoticed, like the eye's blink,

As the light fades out, the celestial bodies take their place,

It baffles me how something so prepossessing doesn't even have a face,

The sands of time pause as I take in the splendor,

If the universe were a fire, then the starlight is ember,

I stand in place while the moon glides across the sky,

Even though it's on a set path, the beauty is an infinitesimal as pi,

If I reach up, I can feel it's surface on my fingertips,

I am the captain of a voyage for which there is no ship,

As the hours float away, my awe only grows,

If my imagination were a river, then I hope it forever flows,

I see the seven sisters as they radiate,

My wish to be the eighth is a desire that nothing could ever satiate,

As I become enraptured, my soul floats away,

The display of grace and precision is reminiscent of a ballet,

The light switch is flipped, and my time for gazing is now terminated,

But curiosity for the unknown is what has germinated,

As the light becomes brighter, I long for the darkness,

When the void is the canvas, and I can be the artist.

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