I will always love you.
I will always love you. illalwaysloveyou stories

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Stay. I'll forgive, but never forget.

I will always love you.

by izzy04

I love you. But you can't just do what you did.

You hurt me. Sorry to say, but you did.

You can't just wanna break up just because your upset.

I'm sorry my mom makes things hard.

But when things get hard you can't just leave, you don't usually. But this time you did.

The things you said just keep repeating in my head.

You broke up with me. And then after I took you out of my Instagram bio you got upset. And you wanted me back.

I let you come back. Because I'm in love with you.

You don't even realize how much I cried for you.

I need you in my life. I do.

I hope you stay.

But did I let you come back too easily?

Maybe. But sometimes you'll do anything for the ones you love.

Because I'll always love you.

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