When I imagine you
When I imagine you kissing stories

ivysoar A girl who rocks her own world
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I see you... No, I imagine you

When I imagine you

I see you

No, I imagine you

I imagine you sitting with me

Touching me

Holding me

Hugging me

Squeezing me

Kissing me...

Biting me

Kissing me...

Licking me

Kissing me...

Kiss me...

Just once, let me feel the heat of your lips radiating on mine

Let me taste your breath and feel all of the Heavens above and beyond before our lips touch ever so slightly.

Let them press hard against each other and I, part my mouth, inviting your tongue to meet mine.

Let's kiss like it was our last


The day we kiss, will be our first.

The moment I seem to have dreamt for centries

Until then, I just imagine, dream, and see in my head

Oh, how I long for your sweet embrace!

To hear your voice every day

When I imagine you

I feel happy and free

Yet, sad and depressed because you are not here

One day...

That day will come

And I will wait

Unless you find someone anew

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