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ivysoar A girl who rocks her own world
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"I'll never be satisfied"???????? I'll NeVER be SATISFIED????

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"I'll never be satified"

I'll never be satisfied??? I'll NeVER be SATISFIED??!!??

What the Fuck!


I'm sorry, let meh calm my soul.(this is pretty much a rant to myself)

It has been 2 months or so since I stopped talking to Him Himself!

IvySoar from the past, you are STUPIDDD!!!!

IvySoar from past: But, But... I love him ;n;

Me: Gurllll! You fine. There are PLen-Ty of Fish in the sea.

ISFP: Izayah!!! I can't-

Me: I knoe! I knoe. You still ~love him~. Well, guess what!? I still think about him. Yes, I do and I get sad, which is true. But get distracted! Don't think about him and his...

*coughs* Stay strong.


Hey guys!

I know I left again but I've been having school stuff and trying to get myself together and I'm getting there which is GREAT.

Thanks for reading my dialogical rant against myself. I was finally able to read all my old weird love poems and stuff without crying ^u^

But I'm becoming more and more like a free bird, getting Him Himself out of my mind.

I'll try to write more stuff every day.

Have a good night/morning~ IvySoar~ -w-

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