I make bad decisions at night.
I make bad decisions at night. 
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ivyc Community member
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I tend to make bad decisions at night. This time I was
just lucky enough to capture it.

I make bad decisions at night.

I think I have a problem And it’s not her fault she’s just the reward for relapsing. The strongest love can’t seem to save me long Cause when I sink into myself I hear her I see her I hate her I mourn over our past she’s a ghost who haunts my living life, my memories, those that don’t contain her.

My mind races A wet drop rolls down my face I’m in love True love A longing and worthy love I hate her I feel her 2:54 in the morning A single dial noise rings and I hang What did I do I was so good for months And to think so much can be lost in minutes.

I have to do better for Her. She sees me, She hears me, She looks to me. Why would she hurt me and leave me to agonize over a fast fleeting memory. Time to go to sleep Ivy

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