Why all the hypocrites?
Why all the hypocrites?  hypocrites stories

ivoryannalise You Never Walk Alone. 💜
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My opinion matters too. But I can't help but feel like it no one around me will let me explain my own without forcing their opinion onto me.

Why all the hypocrites?

by ivoryannalise

I was going to try and write a poem for this...but... *sigh*

We all know who the biggest bully is right now. I'm sorry America, but, you're in trouble!

Everything has already been said about this election.

But I feel like I am being unheard by everyone around me.

Everyone at school. They're hypocrites.

I am not allowed to say anything about what they think is right, but all the while, I sit there quietly while they constantly destroy what I think. They are bullies.

Yesterday we watched Trump's victory speech.

Okay, I wasn't going to say anything rude. Me and my friend, in an attempt to drown out him, laughed about his child standing behind him. The kid looked like he was about to fall asleep.

We weren't being rude or even very loud.

But this boy that sits a little behind me threw a pencil at me. A pencil! And this is coming from a kid who was proud to say he was old enough to vote. And yet, he had acted like a 4 year old.

He is also the same kid that thinks its okay to say...

people are stupid for what they believe in. It's not alright. I don't go around calling him stupid for his beliefs, even if I think his head's not in the right place, that he has no moral code.

Anyway, my long rant is over.

Something needs to change about this country, because we are not headed in the right direction. I can't help but feel like we took five steps backward.

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