We are the world!
We are the world! feelings2016 stories

ivoryannaliseWriter, Reader, YouTuber, and Artist
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The world is a cruel place. There is no denying it. With the stereotypes fitted to each country, it's hard to fit together in a single world. But somehow...we all manage too.

A poem about the world (or at least how I see the world.)

We are the world!

by ivoryannalise

Since when did the world become such a cruel place?

Guns being pulled and children being betrayed.

It breaks my heart...

To know that difference between us is used to break us.

That just because we're different we're automatically wrong.

Automatically evil. But why?

Since when did race, nationality, religion, and gender define us?

We are all different.

All uniquely beautiful. All our own persons with nothing to define us.

And yet, the world is still a cruel, heartbreaking place!

We are still defined by things that we cannot change or choose not to change.

Don't let them define you!

Stand up and shout! Be proud of who you are and all that makes you...you!

Because no matter what...

Nothing can truly define you.

I do not own any pictures!

All pictures are from or are fanart from a Japanese anime called Hetalia. The show is about the countries who are the cliche people of their country.

Countries featured:

China Japan Italy (Northern) Germany Prussia France England America Romano (Southern Italy) Lithuania Austria Sweden Finland Sealand Russia Spain Canada

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SomewhereintimeBronze CommaI like cookies. Oh yeah and writing too.
10 months agoReply
Using Hetalia fit with this very well! ^-^ It is kind of sad though how this is actually how people treat other human beings. We are all unique, amazing, and human!! XD

ivoryannaliseCommabassadorWriter, Reader, YouTuber, and Artist
a year agoReply
@penny The title is actually a callback to a song I used to listen to as a little girl. :) @bernardtwindwil I'm glad you think so! Yes, the illustrations are nice! The show that they are from is rather silly, but someone put a lot of research into the history of how the countries interacted with each other. :) Thank you so much! :D

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
a year agoReply
This was really cool. I loved the illustrations. You did a great writing job too.

pennySilver CommaI live for life
a year agoReply
amazing job!!! reminded me of a song i listened to