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ivoryannalise #BlackLivesMatter
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This is a really quick story I wrote for my friend as a bedtime story! :D

Once, there was a girl who dreamed of sleep...

Dream's Reflection

Once there was a girl who dreamed of sleep. But it never came for her.

She lay in her bed, every night, her eyes burning as she counted sheep.

She tried warm milk, bedtime stories, counting every animal, you name it. But nothing seemed to work.

She grew bored of her tireless chase with sleep, eventually getting up to do something more worthwhile.

But one night, on a night much like today, she lay down with her head cradled by her pillow.

The ceiling seemed to swim before her eyes as she stared on in disbelief.

Her eyes grew heavy as she slowly began to fall asleep…

But a loud BANG startled her from her sweet haven.

She fell out of bed in a hurry and rushed to the window.

As she looked beyond into the darkened world, she saw something rather peculiar staring right back at her.

It was herself. And suddenly, the world beyond became her own bedroom reflected back to her.

She rubbed her eyes. It’s just a simple reflection, she told herself.

But the images beyond matched nothing of the darkened room she still inhabited.

Shaking, she reached a hand towards her reflection’s grinning face.

Her fingers touched only smooth glass. And then an insistent ringing cut across her hearing, louder than even the bang from before.

She suddenly found herself back in her bed, the early rays of dawn streaming through her window.

The noise was her alarm clock.

Sleep had finally found her.

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