A Swing's Only
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ivoryannaliseLife beckons - remember to heed it.
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A swing's memories are never quite what you might think they are because sometimes, like all of us, they become attached. But for a playground where children come and go, this is a battleground of memories.

A Swing's Only

by ivoryannalise

Rain falls on a sleepy town,

And all there is to see is a little playground.

Its swings rock back and forth,

But never the last one, the fourth.

It stands still,

A reluctant memory on this hill.

It still shakes with the memories of her,

Even though now, she's just a blur.

She used to come and play,

And keep his nightmares of silence at bay.

But day by day,

She grew older, until he was just child's play.

And now he's left lonely,

With nothing but the memories of his only.

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