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Hi guys! So I posted 2 short stories that I couldn't fit on here over on Wattpad!
Would appreciate it if you could check them out! <3

Trying something new

Hi guys!

So I posted 2 short stories that I couldn't get to fit on here over on Wattpad! I would appreciate it (they're in one book together) if you guys checked it out for me!

Here is the description: Two very different stories, their lies, woes, and the music industry that connects them. Set in South Korea, "The Lies We Tell" tells the stories of Harin and Jaehyeon, two idols struggling to keep themselves together in the grueling K-Pop industry.

Absorbing Me - Harin's life as her stage persona RIN is full of adventure and best-selling music, but behind closed doors, she finds she's lost her hold over RIN and the personal, inner life she holds dear.

The parts of her safe from the public have begun to fade, and RIN's personality has taken over. Her fight for her true self is just beginning. Can she wrestle RIN back on to the stage where she belongs?

Distorted Images - From the outside, Jaehyeon's shifting weight has been disguised by long sleeves and baggy shirts for years. But as his eating disorder begins to affect his career, the lies he tells to hide his problem begin to crush him and unravel.

He finds he must rely on those around him and himself to pull through, but will he have the strength?

Link will be in the comments below! Thanks guys! <3 (Also, you can let me know what you think in the comments below if you don't have Wattpad.)

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