Havoc and Courage
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ivoryannalise You Never Walk Alone. 💜
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Whenever I'm so upset that I lose the ability to articulate my feelings, my world dissolves into a torrent of malformed words and frigid rain.

A renewed draft of A Hurricane's Wrath!!

Havoc and Courage

The eye of my storm is quiet,

Though it lacks a moment of peace.

Fragmented words spin erratically,

Chasing me like whirring winds.

This storm gyrates far from the people I love.

Their lives continue in steady march,

But mine has stuttered to a halt.

A pillar has crumbled in my life,

The support buried in piles of ash and grief.

My house of cards has fallen,

A structure of the heart, decayed and broken.

The rot seeps in, stealing tears to grow its hatred.

But no, this house hasn't collapsed. Not yet.

A pillar has crumbled, yes, but my roof still stands.

Like a desolate house blew over by the wind,

Weak and wrecked, but still repairable,

This land will grow anew,

While forever harboring that piece of barren ground.

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