Thing That Changes Everything
Thing That Changes Everything missing-children stories

ivoryannalise You Never Walk Alone. 💜
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Sometimes that things that impact us the most can be seen as very small to others. They change us and knock our worlds on their axis. All we can do is cling on and hope for the best. That at the end of all this turmoil, we'll be safe and sound. But I guess what the true question is, what can change us? Can something as small as a feather possibly harm us?

Thing That Changes Everything

by ivoryannalise

It was a lone black feather...

that was said to be found in the middle of an isolated wood.

And it unraveled the life of four innocent girls.

All in the span of three months, in a year not very long ago.

Kansas Georgianne Miller

She was thirteen, and the feather was found in the basket of her bicycle.

Holland Lila Mitchell

She was six, and the feather was found under her pillow.

Erin Amelia Kent

She was ten, and the feather was found in her school bag.

And Annalise Ireland West

She was sixteen, and the feather was found in her book shelf.

Four girls, all of them missing.

All of them never found.

They vanished without a trace.

Without any evidence at all about what happened to them.

Except for, of course,

A small, black feather.

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