The Unwilling
The Unwilling almost stories

ivoryannaliseWriter, Reader, YouTuber, and Artist
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The villain in a horror story that tricks you into her place is almost here. Watch out for her, or you might just discover the horrifying truth behind her painted on façade.

The Unwilling

by ivoryannalise

It's almost here.

The unwilling puppeteer.

The seer,

That wants to disappear.

The unfortunate victim,

That will always contradict him.

Even if she will depict him,

She will try to restrict him.

The creature that enslaved her,

So that the trap may transfer.

She will be left to spur,

Another unwilling sir.

So watch out,

For that poor scout.

Who will stakeout,

And leave you without doubt.

Your new master you will serve,

While a break she deserves.

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