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ivoryannalise You Never Walk Alone. 💜
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There are few things in this world that are immortal. There are some that will only live forever within me and whatever I can write down onto the page. For my immortal friends are people the world will only get glances into.

The Only Immortality

by ivoryannalise

You are there, a sneaky little shadow.

Someone I work every day to know,

For you're the main character of this show.

Wyn, the girl I met just a year ago.

The one who sets my world aglow,

And who works tirelessly to say hello.

You're my partner in this puppet show,

Who allows me to write like Thoreau.

And at the end of this long tempo,

You'll be the beloved character, always aglow,

And your story on the common passerby, I shall bestow.

For immortality is yours to know,

As our book continues to grow.

Also, please let me know down in the comments what you all thought this poem is about! I'm not sure I was very successful in delivering it, but oh well! It still turned out nice!

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