The N in Humanity
The N in Humanity nature-lover stories

ivoryannaliseBroadway, Monet, Y.A., and Anime
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Humanity is such a common term that we offend skip over it without a second thought. Of course we all have, right? We're all humans of course! But, doesn't that mysterious N have any humanity?

The N in Humanity

by ivoryannalise


The difference between us and...

What exactly?

Yes, we are all 'human', but does that mean that humanity is limited to only our species?

That deer prancing through the forest?

Can't you see the humanity sparkling from his dark eyes?

Your neighbor's dog? The one you despise?

Can't you hear her humanity as she daringly alerts her companions to your presence?

That horse you got to pet at that farm last year?

Can't you feel the thundering beat of his humanity as he carries you across the many fields?

I see humanity in everything and everywhere.

It's constantly flowing in the air and through the trees. Because truthfully, it's all around us, and it's not something that is limited to only us.

But I believe that we have lost our humanity.

We have killed, tortured, and maimed. We have discarded, destroyed, and burned.

All too keep humanity that we had already lost.

But may we learn to admire a little of nature's humanity,

then maybe, we can learn to gain back the very thing we've forgotten?

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