The Life of A Rebel
The Life of A Rebel rebel stories

ivoryannaliseWriter, Reader, YouTuber, and Artist
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The life of a rebel has many twists and turns. But not all of them have a glamorous end. Many...will have history to blame...

The Life of A Rebel

by ivoryannalise

The rebel better make haste.

But he is laid to waste.

But the rebellion?

It still marches on.

Never stopping for a single soul.

Never caring for the rebel's woe.

Because that's all it brings.

The lone rebel's woe.

The one who will never be remembered by history's pages.

Or by the rebellion's dark ages.

The rebel who was nothing more...

than a body to take hits for.

And at the end of the horror-filled hell,

who will remember the life of a rebel?

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