The Life of A Painter
The Life of  A Painter war stories

ivoryannaliseLife beckons - remember to heed it.
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Sometimes the life of a painter is not as glamorous as it's made to seem. Sometimes it is a very dark path...

The Life of A Painter

by ivoryannalise

Snow is falling.

Tears are flowing.

Blood is spilling.

People are slipping,

Farther and farther away as the snow bleeds red.

The shots ring out as the drums thrump,

Keeping time to the falling of the bodies.

Soon the field bleeds into a portrait of red and white,

As the painter paints with all the colors of the dead.

And then the battle is finished.

People run as the fallen are abandoned on a cold bed of snow

Forever lost, but never forgotten.

Doomed to be locked away on an eternal canvas.

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