The Keeper of Everything Wise
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ivoryannalise You Never Walk Alone. 💜
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What if Knowledge was a person? Some one like you or me? What would this special someone look like? Would it be a girl or a boy? Young or old? Or maybe even somewhere in between?

The Keeper of Everything Wise

by ivoryannalise

Knowledge flipped a few strands of silky hair over her small shoulders. It was soft and long, but absolutely void of any color.

She quietly huffed under her breath as she continued reading the page, her pale gray eyes darting back and forth.

A noise sounded at her door, and those intelligent eyes rose to inspect the interruption.

She climbed to her feet, graceful and short in stature. Her frame may have been small, but that didn’t distract from the great power she possessed within her mind.

She pulled the door open, curiosity pouring from her very skin. The doorway was short, built to the height of a small child. It was perfectly suited for Knowledge, though.

The person on the other side reacted like a thousand before him had. His features were a perfect mask of shock and confusion as he stared down Knowledge’s small form.

None of them ever expected the keeper of everything wise to be a small child of only six years.

But the man simply lowered his eyes and prepared himself for the wisdom that would surely flow from her mouth.

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