The Echoes They Left Behind
The Echoes They Left Behind ghosts stories

ivoryannaliseBroadway, Monet, Y.A., and Anime
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The Danvers State Hospital of Massachusetts was once a beckon of hope...but like all bright things, it's light was estinguished, just to be replaced with a dark stain that even the sands of time cannot erase.

The Echoes They Left Behind

by ivoryannalise

An abandoned house sits on a hill,

Left all alone for nature to reclaim.

But its broken down walls hold a darker secret.

Its halls are echoing,

With pain and sorrow,

With blood and tears.

What once was a bright beckon of hope...

Has turned to bloody ash and terror filled nights.

It's past residents left behind...

Small pieces of themselves.

Their memories echo out,

Crying for their hope to be fulfilled,

For their justice to be served.

And so the walls and halls of the empty house...

Are to be forever filled,

With the echoes they left behind.

This poem is based on the Danvers State Hospital.

Actually, all of the pictures are of the hospital. If you have not heard of it, I recommend you look it up. The patients shall be remembered by the echoes they left behind.

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