Spirited Away in GIFS
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Whether you fell in love with Japanese, English, or other voices, it isn't hard to know that this movie is a timeless piece for all who hold dear those fantastical worlds beyond.

Spirited Away in GIFS

by ivoryannalise (And Studio Ghibli)

Meet Chihiro, a sullen ten-year-old who's been forced to move to a new town.

Her parents and she have traveled far to find their new home, but decide to take a short cut to get there.

Instead of their house, they discover an abandoned theme park.

At first, things seem magical. It's like a blast from the past!

But then things quickly begin to sour.

Chihiro finds that the theme park isn't abandoned at all! It's inhabited...by ghosts!

And Chihiro is quickly spirited away to a place so unlike her own world.

There, she enlists the help of Haku, a seemingly friendly spirit.

He points her in the direction of a job, where, after a nasty trip down some stairs...

She meets these cute little fellas and the boiler man.

He's the one who sends her to the right place to get a job.

Once there, she has to outwit a witch into giving her a job.

She has many mishaps at her new job, a bath house for the spirits.

Including letting a No Face inside. Cute right?

Nope. It eventually destroys a lot of things (and people.)

And then a dear friend ends up being deathly hurt!

Friends to the rescue! So Chihiro must embark on a trip to save him!

With some newfound friends of course!

Her journey leads her straight into the snake's mouth: the witch's twin sister!

Instead, she actually ends up helping them and gives Chihiro a valuable clue to get home.

So Chihiro rushes back to the bathhouse, desperate to save her parents.

But along the way, she remembers something that helps her friend far more than the witch ever could.

She gives him back his true identity!

And after many joyous tears, their journey comes to a close at the bathhouse once more.

Where Chihiro is put through a final test: identify her parents.

She completes the test, with many cheers from the spirits!

Her family and she are able to leave the spirit world, and finally, continue on to their new lives.

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