Song Recommendations PT 4
Song Recommendations PT 4 music stories
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Welcome back to this series where I randomly spout songs at the internet.

Song Recommendations PT 4

Welcome back to this series where I randomly spout songs at the internet. Like PT 3, there will only be one week (7 songs) in this post and some bonus songs. <3 Anyway, the next post will be added a week after this one.

Enjoy the songs!!

Week Six: February 2nd - 8th

1. Overdose by grandson.

"I was higher than the nosebleed, I. Turn up till my nose bleed, I. Blacked out in the black car, I. Was trying to feel like a rockstar, but. I can't just do one now, no."

2. 21st Century Girls by BTS.

"You worth it you perfect. Deserve it just work it. You look elegant, elegant. Also you're pretty, pretty. You shine, shine. You're the truth and the reason." (English Translation)

3. New Blood by Zayde Wolf.

"I spent my whole life chained to the wall. Hungry for more. Not afraid to fall. I had to cut a man down to get where I am. But someone had to tumble. And someone had to stand."

4. Tonight by Jin of BTS.

"If this night passes, I'm scared that I might not see you. Those clear eyes, That familiar touch. Your face that I looked at while smiling, Will I not be able to see those again?" (English Translation)

5. Guns For Hands by Twenty One Pilots.

"I know what you think in the morning. When the sun shines on the ground. And shows what you have done. It shows where your mind has gone. And you swear to your parents. That it will never happen again."

6. Drowning by The Eden Project.

"I think I lost my mind a while ago. Cos I've been seeing some ghosts. And i'd be lying if I told you I'm fine. But I lie. Yeah. These thoughts I would never speak out loud."

7. Amsterdam by Nothing But Thieves.

"People don't know much. Need a whiskey crutch. To think of something new. Hey you watching me. Lookin' through a screen. I'm here in front of you."

Bonus Songs:

Bad At Love by Halsey.

"Got a boy back home in Michigan. And he tastes like Jack when I'm kissing him. So I told him that I never really liked his friends. Now he's gone and he's calling me a b*tch again."

Outro: Wings by BTS.

"I remember my childhood. Because I had no big worries. I knew these small feathers would become wings. I knew the wings would make me fly. I had that faith. Along with laughter." (English Translation)

Blue Orangeade by TXT.

"You like red roses. You like the blue sea. But I like violet again. I want to go to the mountains. We're the opposite. That's why it's so special. It seems like. Like Blue Orange." (English Translation)

Psycho by Red Velvet.

"Tell me who you think you are. Coming in to break my heart. Make it like an operation. But I ain't one of your patients. Could've least waited but you don't play that game." (English Translation)

Crescent by Ateez.

-This is an instrumental piece, so not many words involved. I could only find one line. "Open your eyes."

Love Story by Indila.

"A lost soul, He lives but hardly talks. He is waiting for her, In front of this photo of former times. He, he is not crazy. He believes in it, that's all. He sees her everywhere. Standing, he is waiting for her." (English Translation)

Walking The Wire by Imagine Dragons.

"Do you feel the same when I'm away from you? Do you know the line that I'd walk for you? We could turn around and we could give it up. But we'll take what comes, take what comes."

Amd that's all for this week! Enjoy. I'll be back next Sunday. 💜 As always, the link to the playlist will be in the comments. -IAL

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